He has a passion for mission work especially with the less privileged children, HIV/AIDS patients, ex- offenders, people with alcohol and drug issues, elderly and homeless people.


Dr. Chuma holds two Doctorate degrees, (DRS & Ph.D.) and a  Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. Other qualifications include a Diploma in leadership and Governance, Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy (CBT), Certificate in Coaching and Mentoring among other academic qualifications. His academic pursuit has taken him across three continents of Africa, America, and Europe. Dr. Chuma is a fellow of the Institute of Leadership & Management. He is a visiting fellow to a number of Universities and Colleges in the United Kingdom where he lectures on leadership and business modules.  He is a conference speaker, blogger, and author. His literary works include the widely acclaimed and best selling book: 'The Learning Leader and the 5 Perspectives of Change Leadership.' His specialty is in self-leadership.   Dr. Chuma runs conferences, workshops, webinars and seminars in leadership and management related topics. Some of his business interests include management Consultancy practice. 


To book appointment with him, please call the Church office on: +44(0)1708 607 495

Dr Chuma Osuchukwu

Pastor Chuma, a former Nigerian diplomat, is the senior  pastor of Temple of Praise International (TOP) and has over sixteen years of ministry experience. He is a motivational, dynamic and versatile preacher, helping people realise the leadership qualities in them, overcome challenges and attain their full potentials in life. He is constantly challenging people to get out of their comfort zone to higher levels of achievement in their spiritual, physical, and psychological domains.


As a dynamic preacher, he is very engaging in the delivery of his messages. His favourite slogan is, "it is well" and this is reflective of his philosophy in ministry that every situation you encounter in life is designed to create a better model of yourself for greater and more profitable service to Jesus Christ. 

Pastor Chuma is very articulate and loves to paint a picture and vision of a better tomorrow on the canvass of your mind as he ministers. He is an anointed preacher with deep revelations from the word of God that continue to transform the lives of people for the better. He has brought healing to the hearts of many hurting men and women through encouragement and empowerment. He facilitates and supports them in their lives’ processes and progression. His gift of interpretation of dreams has been of tremendous help to those who God speaks to through dreams.


Pastor Chuma is passionate about mentoring young people, ministers and pastors, encouraging them to take their places as fathers, heads and leaders of their homes, ministries and organisations. He is currently mentoring a number of Christian leaders.

Dr Oby Osuchukwu

Pastor Oby, is a gifted teacher, motivational speaker and co-pastor in Temple of Praise International. She is the head of the TOP women’s ministry. She is an inspiration to a lot of women and has impacted many through her dynamic women’s meetings and seminars. Through the various counselling trainings she conducts, Pastor Oby has helped many women find and develop new careers. 


Pastor Oby has a deep understanding of the place of women in the programme of God and so is helping them to reposition themselves for the overflowing anointing of God. She believes in the power of prayer and so enjoins the Top Ladies to utilize that power in tapping into the overflowing anointing. Her passion for young people is evident in the various youths and singles mentoring programmes she is involved in.

She and her husband are the founders of Firm-foundation Counselling Centre, a professional counselling organization based in Romford. They are blessed with three daughters and two sons. 


To book  an appointment with her, please call the church office on: +44(0)1708607 495

Pastor Oby is a medical doctor by profession and holds in addition a Master degree in Counselling, Master of Science in Psychology, Advanced Diploma in Counsellor Supervision, Diploma in Psychotherapy (CBT), and certificate in Coaching and Mentoring amongst other qualifications. She is accredited both as a counsellor and a counsellor supervisor. She is currently pursuing her doctorate degree is Counselling Psychology. 


Dr. Oby worked for many years as a general (medical) practitioner and now works as a counsellor, supervisor, trainer and consultant in both private and public organisations. She has over fifteen years of working experience in the counselling and psychotherapy arena and is particularly interested in working with adults in Marriage and Family conflicts, and youths facing challenges of adolescence. Dr. Oby has authored various literary works.