Regualar Activities & Events

Cell Groups: 


This is where the bible comes alive. The old and the young, big and small have their say. Various styles and methods are used to explore  and understand God's word for our lives today. God's word is the secret to successful living. Our topics are practical and relevant to the issues confronting us today. Be part of this great experience in searching and applying God's word.


We have two cell groups. One in Romford and the other in Hackney. Each cell chooses the day and time that suit majority of their members. One of the venues are:




Suite 5

198 Victoria Road,



Day: Every Thursday

Time: 7.00 – 8.00pm


Church Service:


We hold our services on Sundays from 10.00am to 12.00noon and invite you to come and be part of our:


  • Pleasant people

  • Pentecostal praise

  • Prophetic prayer

  • Powerful preaching

Miracle & Deliverance Service: 


We hold our miracle service every third Sunday of the month. God is doing amazing things in these services. Healings are taking place and doors are opening for people. Make a date with us and experience the awesome presence of God in these services.

Quarterly Night Vigils: 


We close every quarter with a night vigil. The third Friday of every quarter our the night vigil. The next vigil will hold on 27/09/13. 


It starts from 10.00pm to dawn. 




Hackney Community College

3rd Floor, Lemon Tower

Falkirk Street


N1 6HQ


Group Bible Study:


We have three classes under our bible study group:


• New Believers’ Forum: 

This is designed to give new believers the foundational knowledge about their new faith and prepare them for the Christian walk.



• Baptismal Class: 

Here we prepare people for water baptism. It is a six weeks programme.



• Discipleship Class: 

This is open to all believers. We search the scripture to discover the principles and persons of God for a healthy Christian living. This class is for anyone who desires the deep things of God.  It is for those  who are interested in moving from being just a believer in Christ Jesus to being His disciple.Temple of Praise International (TOP)

Events for 2015




  • January 4th:

Rededication of Church Members

  • March 22th:

Mothers’ Sunday  (Special Guest Sunday)


  • March 27th:

Quarterly Night Vigil

  • February 15th:

World Marriage Day 




  • April 12th:

Easter Sunday  (Special Guest Sunday)

  • _____________________

  • June 1st – 30th:

Fasting & Praying (Month of Divine Breakthrough)


  • June 21th:

Father’s Day  (Special Guest Sunday)


  • June 26th:

Quarterly Night Vigil  (Deliverance Service).




  • July 25th:

Childrens’ Picnic

  • August 1st:

Musical Concert


  • August 16th:

International Youths Day  

(Special Guest Sunday)

  • September 25th:

Quarterly Night Vigil




  • October 24th:

General Workers’  Training

(10am – 4pm)

  • November 22th:

Universal Childrens’ Day  (Special Guest Sunday)

  • December 1st – 31st:

Praying & Fasting (Month of Glory)


  • December 20nd:

TOP  Christmas Party


  • December 25th

Christmas Celebration Service (Special Guest Service)


  • December 31st:

Passover Night Service (New Year Eve Service)


Conferences & Seminars


  • The Learning Leader Conference (LLC) 


This is the conference where we challenge you to be the best you can be by adopting the attitude of learning


  • Men of Vision Conference  (MOVE)


In this conference we empower men to access their divine heritage to establish their place in God's programme in this end time.


  • Women of Purpose (WOP) 


We use this conference to prepare,  position and empower women to align to divine move of the moment.