Partnership Programmes

In addition to the regular activities in Temple of Praise International, we engage in the  following mission outreach:

  • “CARE –FOR – A- CHILD” (CFAC): 


Here we care for the less privileged children in various places. Some of them have different types of disabilities and others are from dysfunctional homes. We organise parties, visitation to recreational centres and provide them with food and clothing. You may want to donate for a specific child sponsorship or give in general.



We channel the energy of youths into creative activities and trainings that enable them make useful contributions to the society. These activities include, leadership training, mentoring, communication skills, career choices etc. We seek to provide a stable and healthy forum where the youths can develop socially and intellectually. If you interested or you know someone who might benefit from these services, please contact us for more information. 

  • Open Door (OD):


We have a once a month open door forum where people drop in and have a cuppa and a chat on any issue of interest to them.

  • Senior Citizens' Services (SCS):


Once a month, our TOP Team (the helping hands) assist the elderly in our community and its environ  in doing some household chores like washing their cars, mowing their lawns, cutting flower edges at no cost to them.

  • Hospital and Prison Visitations:


TOP takes evangelism very seriously. We reach out to the unsaved every week. We go the streets , the marketplaces, the highways and the byways taking the good news of our Lord Jesus  Christ to a world that desperately need him but are often unaware that they need him. One of the ways  we demonstrate the love of Jesus to the world is through hospital and prison  visitations. 


Our outreach team visits the sick in the hospitals and hospices to pray with them and encourage them in the ir health challenges.


We also visit prisons and encourage them with the hope in the word of God. Often we senf presents to their families during Christmas to fill in for the absence of their loved ones.



We offer drop in services for people with various life challenging issues. Where appropriate we refer to our professional counselling team. The services we offer include:

  1. confidential counsel on pregnancy related issues (especially for young people)

  2. career advice for young people

  3. counselling to victims of domestic violence.

  4. counselling to help perpetrators of domestic violence deal with their underlining issues

  5. psychological assessment for various purposes (educational, career, personal needs).

  6. psychotherapy for various mental health issues  


We operate via donations and sliding scales fees. These help us offset the cost of running the centre, paying our counsellors and other care workers who provide services to our clients and service users.



This is out media outreach where we minister to people’s needs through radios, television, satellite broadcasts. Your donations will help keep us on the air. This has far reaching implications. You are providing through your contributions, the avenue for people in different nations of the world to be blessed through this ministry.


We want to thank our partners from nations like Sweden, Nigeria, United States and of course, United Kingdom who have joined hands with us in carrying out these great missions.

If you are not yet a partner, we will like to use this opportunity to encourage you to become one. As a partner, you will receive our quarterly newsletter with updates on our mission work. In addiction we will send you a regular “nuggets for partners CDs” from the Senior Pastor.


We are making a difference and impacting our generations and the generations to come and we believe that the Lord will lay it in your heart to touch  many more of these lives with us as we go from around the world.

  • Family Support Programme (FSP):


TOP is a family oriented church. we therefore provide parenting classes for young families and training in food and nutrition for healthy lifestyle. We also have a family day once a year where families get together to celebrate the value of family.  Meals are always served and it is absolutely free. You are cordially  invited to this year's event. Please contact the office for this year's date and venue.