Men's Ministry

  • Men in Ministry (MIM):


Designed for those who are preparing for  or are already in ministry. How do you handle challenges and opportunities in ministry?

  • Men's Leadership Meeting (MLM):


Designed for ministers and heads of organisations who occupy top leadership positions in their organisations. Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown. How do you handle decision making in your organisation? How much influence are you exercising in your organisation? How do you influence without the use of positional power?  


We x-ray some of those things that no one talks to you about until you accidentally discover them.

  • Mentoring men into maturity (MMM):


Designed for the youth who are seeking directions on how to live a fulfilled life without the potholes of blind experimentations. Why are so many youths turning to a life of crime, drugs, alcohol and sex addiction? Is there any hope for these ones? How do we help those who have not yet been involved to continue to stay clear and live clean lives?

  • Men in Retreat (MIR):


Designed to inculcate spiritual discipline into the male folks. Why is the discipline of solitude fast disappearing from the Church? Why are people reluctant to stay alone with God to hear his voice for themselves?  This is a structured training in the act of being alone with God to hear his voice for yourself.

Women's Ministry

  • Hannah Group (Mothers –to-be) Meetings (HGM): 


Designed for women seeking the fruit of the womb or those already expecting their babies. Is it God’s will that any woman should be barren? If not why should you?

  • Women in Leadership Summit (WLS):


Designed for women who are in positions of leadership. How can a woman be in and under authority at the same time?



  • Women Mentoring Programme (WMP):


Designed for those interested in the dignity of womanhood. How should a woman comport herself in private and public places? What makes a woman dignified?

Women Who Pray meeting (Yearly retreat) (WWP):


Designed to inculcate spiritual discipline into women. What is the role of the wailing women today in our churches? What happens when women pray?


If you are interested in any of our men or women programmes cantact the church administrator. 

Youth's Ministry

  • Youth Empowerment Programme (YEP):


Designed to tackle the challenges facing the youths both male and female. The youths are the hope of our tomorrow but they are in a battle for their lives and destinies. How can we hold hands with the youth to win the battle of their minds that will enable them to achieve their lives’ ambitions?

  • Youth  Community Outreach Programme (Y-COP):


Designed to make the youth relevant to their community. Are youths always doing negative things. In TOP, our youths are relevant to their community. They embark on series of community based activities ranging from running errands for the elderly to washing of cars and mowing of gardens for the senior citizens. Come on, hop on the band wagon, our youths are a special breed and they  are making a difference.

Singles' Ministry

  • Singles’ Summit (SS):


Designed for the singles by choice and singles seeking their other halves. Let’s talk about “singlehood.” Are there physical, spiritual, psychological challenges facing our singles. We sort those issues out here.

  • Singles’ Lunch-Out (SLO)


Designed for singles to socialise among themselves with a view to establishing real lasting relationships.

TOP Kids' Ministry

  • Music and Drama:


Designed to bring out the creative sides of our kids. Our children are full and bubbling with creativity. The TOP kids learn through various learning styles including music and drama.

  • Creative Arts: 


Designed to impart creative arts skills to our children. Our yearly outdoor creative moments challenge even the adults. They show their creativity in the bible memory verses competition. Adults can hardly march the number of memory verses each child memorises. This is always an exciting time for everyone children and adults alike. Come and be part of this growing army of  Jesus Christ.