The Secret of Satisfaction

To ensure employee satisfaction in any organisation, an effective leader will seek to harmonise the personal goals of employees with the corporate goals of the organisation. Where there is a conflict of goals between the two, dissatisfaction and  apathy will be the resultant effect. Similarly, the surest way to satisfying your personal desires is to subject them to the will and purpose of God for your life. 

You may have wondered why it is a condition precedent that you will need to take pleasure in the Lord for you to have your desires met. Does it mean that except I subordinate my desires to God’s will and desires, mine would not be met? By no means. One does not have to do this to achieve one’s desire. The trouble however is that achievement of one’s desire and satisfaction do not mean the same thing. You are probably aware of a number of leaders who by sheer strength of human will fulfilled their desires only to discover that they did not achieve  the satisfaction alongside the fulfilment of their desires. A couple of them turn to giving away to charity most of what they spent their lives acquiring in exchange for satisfaction. This may be a longer route to a short destination. 

The secret key to satisfaction for a leader as much as to everyone else is simple.  It is hidden in Psalm 37:4. When you align your desires with the mind of God for you, you can’t go wrong. The Lord gives you those desires when you subordinate your will to  His will and His gifts enrich you without regrets (Prov. 10:22). I counsel you to do the least for the most, connect with Him today.


Be blessed and keep overcoming.


- Dr. Chuma Osuchukwu

Understanding Diligence

In our modern mindset, whenever the word diligence is mentioned, the picture of hardwork flashes in the mind. It is not wrong except that it is incomplete. The word diligence comes from the Greek “spoudē.” This Greek word is translated into English to mean among other things, “speed,” “haste,” “eagerness” and “carefulness.”  Apart from being determined to work hard for success and tangible results, it implies doing this carefully and in tandem with good time management. Leadership literature is full of time management techniques and that can easily be learnt and put into practice but there is more to managing time in order to succeed in what you are doing. This is where the component of carefulness comes in. This element of carefulness connotes relationship for the leader who intends to succeed in real terms. 

All is in agreement that working hard is the route to success. Why?Because labour is a gift from God (Eccl.5:19) but often the tendency to forget that  and operate in your own terms is high. Many times leaders concentrate on the work alone and put in everything they have to make their businesses, jobs, ministries even family affairs  succeed. The effort is good but the only problem here is that without the giver of that gift working it with you, your efforts will only end up in stress and frustration (Jn.15:5) even with the best time managed projects. Stress connotes a form of resistance and pressure, so you become stressed because you are carrying more than your due share. There is a part for you to do and a part for God to do, so don’t attempt to do both. 

Ask God to help you in all you do and success will attend to your labours. This helps you gain time, speed and success. With God you work smarter not necessarily harder. It is not how skilled, knowledgeable or powerful you are that bring the result you are after, but how much of divine partnership you let into your projects (Zech.4:6). So quit trying to make it outside of the full cooperation of God. It doesn’t work that way. Rom.9:16 makes it clear that it is not how determined you are or how hard you work that brings success. It is how much of God’s hand is in what you are doing. Make Him your senior partner and watch your business grow, your ministry blossom and your family flourish. Put Him first in everything you do. He is the driver not you. May this truth set you free from unnecessary and unfruitful labours as you become truly diligent in your work. Be blessed and keep overcoming.


- Dr. Chuma Osuchukwu

Archieved Article: Process to Purpose

Where there is no purpose, life is drowsy, dull, dark and depressing. The presence of purpose however, does not guarantee immunity from drowsiness, dullness, darkness and depression as a leader. When purpose is present and these factors are also present, it is called process to purpose. Process ensures that purpose is attained. You may not always understand the process but keep your eyes on the purpose. When you look back at your life, you will discover that there had been times when you received favours you could not account for, assistance you did not seek for, promotions you did not merit, open doors you did not even know were there. 

You will discover that a number of times you were close to death but somehow managed to survive. You’ve probably felt hopeless but rays of hope suddenly shone on you. There had been times you felt like giving it all up and closing your eyes in defeat but strength you could not account for welled up from within you and moved you forward. This happens to every leader. It is called divine assistance in pursuit of your purpose in life. Call it the  ordering of your steps by the Lord. 

You could have died and gone to hell before you met Jesus. You could have ruined your life beyond redemption had you followed your instinct to commit suicide when you felt like it, but the Lord guided your steps even when you were living in disobedience because of the purpose you are carrying. 


When you recall all these goodness and ordering of your feet, it should be a thing of encouragement, joy and rejoicing in the Lord. Quit moaning over what could have been, or what should have been or if only…because you don’t even know what that could or should or if would have turned out to be in your life. Trust in the Lord that He has been ordering your steps up till now and He knows what He is doing. If He has kept you alive to see this piece of writing today, He is ever so faithful to see you through the challenges of the moment. They all add up to your purpose in life. 

You may not see how that can be but if God be God, He knows how to draw out light from the womb of darkness. Remember that light shines brightest when the night is darkest. Remember, the dawn is nothing but the expiration of the night season. Weeping may have endured, but for sure joy will attend to you in the morning (Ps.30:5). Perhaps, you are thinking that it is a coincidence that you are reading this now, but can I tell you that God does not work by coincidence, He works by destiny. Your reading this now, is also part of His ordering of your steps to your purpose. May the Lord continue to lead you on the path of righteousness. May He strengthen you in the dark and slippery valleys of process till you attain your purpose. Be blessed and keep overcoming.


- Dr. Chuma Osuchukwu